Have a good look at this please.

What do you see? — The Witch?……..The Deb?

One picture but two different messages. One ugly. One nice.

OK but what’s the point? I hear you ask

The point  – Never take things at face value. Always look for the other face. The other meaning.

Today we had David Cameron, the sweet strawberry ingredient of the Eton Mess. smiling his cheesy grin.

No doubt we’ll have Danny Boy (sorry if I’ve offended any Irish out there) up next to add the ginger filling

And finally Gideon as the cream. (You know the thick stuff that sits at the top).

Why bother with all this stage managed crap. Is it just to boost the morale of the sheep, sorry Better Together supporters and keep them ‘on message’ Debatable surely. They’ve got the media sheepdogs to do that.

Personally I think it’s to keep us off guard, Never know what’s happening next. Trouble is, we know what’s happening next. We’ve seen it all before.

Isn’t it uncanny how one thing, one vision, flashes into your mind then refuses to go away, no matter how preposterous your conscious mind tells you it is.


With me it’s this vision of a personality altering machine, buried in the portals of Downing Street. You know the one. Yeah you do. Remember ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ with lovable Matthew Kelly.

(Memo to self. Must try and pitch new Reality Show to Channel 5 bosses. Get Z list celebrities to carry out their own Botox or other plastic surgery live ‘on air’. Call it ‘Scars in Your Eyes’)

Sorry got side tracked their for a moment. Now where was I.

Oh yes the ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ thingy in Downing Street.

“Yesterday Matthew, i was Margaret, a grocer’s daughter from Grantham. Today Matthew, I’m Thatcher, the scourge of the Working Class.” or

“Yesterday Matthew, I was Gordon, respected if slightly dull politician. Today Matthew, I’m Brown, simpering fool on You Tube”. or

“Yesterday Matthew, I was Tone, simpering fool. Today Matthew, I’m Blair arch War Criminal.”

Yeah makes you wonder doesn’t it. Well to me it makes me wonder were they the puppets or the puppeteers? The monkeys as opposed to the organ grinders.

The similarities to the Miners Strike of 1984 and events unfolding now are startling.

‘AS’ then was Arthur Scargill compared to ‘AS’ now being Alex Salmond. Spooky or what.

Both were pilloried in the media with grotesque caricatures appearing on a daily basis. Supporters of both were made out to be the villains of the piece. Trying to destabilise the fabric of society. Destroying civilization as we know it.

And this is where the danger signals should be flashing.

I remember, some considerable time back, a colleague of mine recounting a visit to London in June 1984.  He was studying the lines of policemen and women preparing to combat the evil hordes, when, by pure coincidence, he saw his son among a group.

His companion saw him, transfixed and white faced,

“What’s the matter?”……. “It’s my son”……”I didn’t know your son was in the police”,,,,,,” He’s not he’s in the SAS.”

Oh how we took the piss. “Yeah good story mate, Gonnae start calling you Hans Christian from now on, the fairy tales you tell.”

It’s only recently with the release of the Thatcherism Scandals that we now know he was telling the truth all along.

The same sorry saga’s about to unfold. Nothing unites a country quite like the thought of battle.

Like it or not, Argentina was provoked to invade the Falklands. The Government conspired to provoke the miners. Now the stage is set for the same fate to befall YES Supporters.

Like a game of chess, the pieces are being moved into position, the strategy unfolding.

To me it is important we don’t rise to the bait. Don’t react to the provocation. Be ‘nodding dogs’ to the bile being spouted.

They are hoping to poke the wasps’ nest then squeal loudly and blame the wasps when stung.

There is an old Chinese saying:- ‘Speak softly but carry a big stick.”

We must continue to speak softly but forget the stick.

The Better Together leaders will beat themselves up – mark my words.



5 thoughts on “PRODDING THE NAT’S NEST

  1. You are right.

    The people we are dealing with are the same sort of people who created situations in the colonies so that they could get an excuse to clamp down.

    But whatever we do, they will create situations to frame us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Malcolm,
      Sorry for delay in response. I’ve been busy trying to bring Dickens ‘ A Christmas Carol’ up to date


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