Harness The People. Harness The Power

I am truly sorry. Please forgive me.

I know I headed this Blog ‘justinfayresweeklyrant’ and I know it has been a lot longer than one week since I last posted. You can sue me under the Trades Description Act if you like.

Truth be told, I have been waking up each morning expecting to open my blinds to see masses of TV cameras and throngs of vultures (oops sorry ‘journalists’) camped outside my door barely able to hide their contempt that a YES Supporter had lied to the people of Scotlandshire.

Yes folks forget the brilliant posts, blogs and articles by the likes of Derek Bateman, William Duguid and of course our Wee Ginger Dug. Oh No we’ll just ignore them and concentrate on poor Justin who, due to starting a new job and starting a new house, didnae have one single moment to sit down and write.

Horrible, lying toerag that he is. Just another example of these horrible, lying toerags advocating the break up of our beloved Sceptered Isle. (Or should that be Septic Isle)

Anyway enough of this. Today I want to turn from Yes Scotland and the path to Independence.

Today I want to opine about the sport of Harness Racing.

Forgive me if I get a bit carried away here but Harness Racing in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland is a wonderful, addictive, exciting sport, brimful of tremendous people who relish each others company. Harness Racing in each of these countries is like an equine version of stock car racing or speedway. A visit to the Festival Meetings at Musselburgh in Scotland, Tregaron in Wales or Appleby and York in England is a must. Visit once and you’ll be hooked for life.

Wait I hear you cry. We don’t have Harness Racing in this country. Eh excuse me. Yes we do. In fact I’m surprised the following scenario hasn’t been played out already.

ALEX SALMOND – “Right chaps everything’s on track for our events to celebrate the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, not to mention the Referendum. We just need one thing to tie it all together. We’ll have visitors from USA,Canada,Australia,New Zealand not to mention France and all over Europe. We just need one sporting event to tie everything together. Something that all our overseas cousins enjoy. Football’s out because the Yanks and Aussies play differently. Horse Racing can’t change their dates without the permission of Ladbrokes,Corals and William Hill. Anybody got any ideas?”

NICOLA STURGEON – “Well I know for a fact that they all like Harness Racing. It’s massive in these countries.”

ALEX SALMOND – “Oh that’s brilliant Nicola. Only problem is we don’t have Harness Racing in this country do we…Yes what is it Swinney?….What do you mean that your wife’s brother’s third cousin mentioned going to a Harness Racing Meeting here? Where was it held?…….What…. You can not be serious…Bannockburn…This is a joke. You people are pulling my leg right?….Right  Mrs Joan McAlpine you’re not completely out of the Naughty Corner yet. Find out who’s been running the show…Tell them they’re a bunch of cretins for not letting us know…Then tell them you’ll give them Half a Million to put on a meeting for our guests,,not to mention me….OK Jump to it”.

Thirty Minutes later

JOAN McALPINE – “Sorry boss we’ve got a problem”

ALEX SALMOND – “God!! Why am I not surprised. Everything’s a problem with you. What is it this time.”

JOAN McALPINE – “Well I found out that believe it or not we do have Harness Racing in this country. It’s run though by an outfit called the BHRC. I spoke to their Chairman a Mr Gordon Gannett or something but they can’t help us as they’ve got a meeting in a village called Stanhope the same day.”

ALEX SALMOND – “I Don’t BELEEEEVE It. Nope on second thoughts I believe anything you do ….Oh well looks like it will have to be Beach Volleyball after all….Oh For God’s sake take the smile of your face McCaskill…

The BHRC or British Harness Racing Club is supposed to look after the interests of the diverse people who own, train, drive and care for the ponies. It should use the funds it collects from each and every member wisely. You would think then that it’s priority would be to promote the sport. To educate the general public who are unaware that such a brilliant sport exists. To advocate for grants, funds etc to at least try and improve conditions and also at least try and aim to bring the sport up to the multi million pound standards of the sport in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand not to mention Continental Europe. To try and organise and support events to engage the general public.

Eh No. The current Chairman of the BHRC sees it as his role in life to use the funds made available to him to pretend that he is somehow a player on the world stage. To attend conferences to advise other countries on how to run their sport.

Jeez how they must enjoy being lectured by someone who can’t even look after his own members interests.

A small incompetent organisation still believing it has a role to play at the ‘Big Boys’ Table.

Meanwhile, while the maestro pursues his ego filled mission to continue being the ‘ Big Gun’, the glue that holds the organisation together, the admin staff at the BHRC Head Office in Goole, Humberside continue to bang their heads against the wall as they try manfully or should that be womanfully to carry out the mundane and thankless tasks of trying to keep the members informed and happy.

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I am reliably informed by those that have. that until recently, a young lady who we’ll call Sara was the linchpin of the organisation. The gel if you like that binded the admin staff at the BHRC.

I say until recently because, although I am unaware of all sides to the shameful story, I am convinced that Sara was a victim of Constructive Dismissal.

So I hear you cry. What’s so special about poor Sara? Happens to people all the time. Especially in the ‘rip off’ society we live in.

Yep but Sara’s case is different. Unique in fact.

Despite Sara being universally respected and popular in the eyes of the vast majority of the licence holders in the Harness Racing Community, the Chairman of the BHRC has decided almost unilaterally that he is going to fight Sara tooth and nail. Not only is he going to fight Sara tooth and nail however, he is going to finance the legal and associated costs involved in this fight, which will run into countless thousands of pounds, using the funds provided by the legions of ordinary members, WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT AND DIRECTLY AGAINST THEIR WISHES.

A poll on the Harness Racing Members website following publishing of the details surrounding this travesty and calling for a vote of No Confidence in the BHRC elite was carried virtually unanimously. (http://trott.proboards.com/thread/689/bhrc-committee?page=1)

Despite this, at time of writing, the wishes of the vast majority are being ignored by a dictatorial figurehead pursuing a vendetta and continuing to utilise members funds to pursue a deeply unpopular mission.

It is breathtakingly scandalous and must be stopped.


So just to sum up – We have an Organisation pursuing a dogma that no one in the organisation supports. Using funds to promote an untenable position. Manfully persevering with an unpopular personal crusade rather than look after the interests of the people this Organisation is supposed to represent and protect. Deluding itself that it is a player on the World stage rather than the tiniest of minnows in a big pond.

Sounds a familiar story to me.

Seems Scotland isn’t alone in needing to make a fresh new start.

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