Close to home.

Thanks to Ysabelle Stewart I came across this cracker in my local area.

“BEGONIA I SAY” Said Labour spokesman.

Is it because they didn’t want anyone to see the ‘ROSE’ of empty seats




MY SWEET LORD – With Apologies to George Harrison


Here we go again. Same old story.

No I’m not talking about more establishment media (which is about 95% of media in UK) tripe which is designed specifically to ensure the readership are treated like stalks of rhubarb..(Kept in the dark and fed nothing but bullshit).

No this time it’s yet another apology from me. Sorry for not ‘blogging’ for so long. Two reasons really.

1. I decided I was only going to post regarding the referendum if I could find something different to say. Stuff that hadn’t been said already. You know – BBC are biased and could teach the ghost of Goebbels a thing or two about propaganda – Better Together are run by liars cheats and scoundrels supported by an establishment that is rank rotten to the core.

2. Sometimes as most people will know life gets in the way of good intentions.

Anyway I’m back as some Governor of California was prone to uttering before he discovered that ham acting was too much like hard work and politics was easier unless you were Boris ‘Water Cannon’ Johnston and could combine the two.

Anyway enough of the preamble. Now for something completely different. No it’s not Monty Python. It’s that other comedy legend Lord George Robertson.

It took me a while but I eventually discovered this gem from m’lud.

Honest…I was so full of emulsion – sorry emotion – after reading it that the tears were trickling down my thighs – sorry eyes -….and then I thought..hang on the bold lord has got a point here. ┬áHeaven help me from saying this but we have no right to call him names.

I am going to rectify this right this minute by writing him a big letter of apology.

Dear Your Lordship,

I never ever thought that I would agree with you but after reading your heart rending post in the Scottish Review, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that these nasty ‘Nat Type’ people have no damned right calling you nasty horrible names.

How did I come to this conclusion? Well I think first of all I should tell you Molly’s story.

Molly was one of the first people with a ‘Learning Disability’ I encountered just after completing my training in the field of Learning Disability Nursing or as they called it back in the dark ages of 1980, Mental Handicap Nursing.

Molly had been an ‘inmate’ or ‘patient’ at one of the old style Victorian ‘Poorhouse Like’ establishments, You know – the type your colleagues in Westminster will be re-introducing shortly.

Molly’s diagnosis? Moral Insanity. Yes, believe it or not, In 1981, Molly had been existing in this establishment for almost sixty years, simply due to becoming pregnant outside marriage.

“What are you wittering on about, you moron?” I hear you squawk.

Bear with me, your lordship. All will be revealed in due course, as your esteemed colleagues spouted regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction.

So where was I, Oh yes, our Molly…

You see, Your Lordship, Molly was so institutionalised after sixty years cooped up in her prison, she couldn’t think for herself.

Molly used to go to her bed at 5.30 pm every night after her evening meal because it had been instilled into her and her ‘ward-mates’ that they had to be put away before the Night Shift came on. Oh the trouble we had convincing Molly that she could decide when she went to her bed, she could decide what to do with her day, she could decide what to do with the rest of her life. We persevered though, we continued to show her the brave new world that awaited her, We battled against the powers that stated categorically that Molly was too indoctrinated into Institution style living to ever survive on her own. Some of the ‘old guard’ had genuine concerns for Molly but far too many manufactured these concerns because they didn’t want to lose the power and control they had been so used to exerting over other people.

Eventually though we won through. Molly prospered in her own little flat and spent the rest of her time on earth gloriously contented. We were right and they who said Molly was too wee. too stupid etc were proved wrong in convincing fashion.

Yes My Sweet Lord, I know the House Of Lords is a completely different Institution to the one in which wee Molly spent the vast majority of her adult life but it IS still an Institution and the ‘inmates’ are still conditioned into thinking in a prescribed way albeit in an ermine clad environment.

And that is why I will have no truck with these nasty ‘Cybernat’ type people who deride you at every turn and call you nasty names like ‘Scum’ and ‘Traitor’ and ‘ Turncoat’. I will have no truck with these befuddled folk who state you were promoted at least ten pay grades beyond your ability simply because you ‘kowtowed’ to the arms manufacturers and war mongers. (A bit like a ball-boy at a football club being promoted to star striker status and salary simply because he was always keen and willing to wash the Chairman’s Bentley.)

No sir I will have no truck with these deluded people at all. Forgive them Lord for they know what they do.

Mind you I’m intrigued by one of your statements m’lud…

“I am fortunate enough to have spent a good deal of my political career looking out at a fascinating world beyond Scotland’s borders. I have travelled a lot in the last six months, from the United States to Russia and a few points in between. Last Thursday, on behalf of the United Kingdom, I addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Wherever I go, I am asked about the Scottish referendum. Universally and unanimously, people say they don’t want Britain to break up. Some will of course say it because they don’t want change and like the status quo. Others, the majority, see the break-up of Britain as being a profoundly destabilising move in a fragile and unstable world.”

Well sweet lord, if you travel from the USA to Russia – a distance of about one mile through Sarah Palin territory – then I guess in your exalted circles, the person you’re most likely to encounter is Sarah Palin, therefore I’m not surprised that universally and unanimously Sarah Palin agrees with you. Mind you Sarah Palin is another creature who’s career has flourished despite her, shall we say, rather limited intellect and reasoning powers. Still as they say ‘ Birds of a feather….etc etc.

Alas I digress. So your m’ludship, how can we prove these nutty nats wrong when they say you and your fellow Lord in waiting, Mr Darling, are not concerned with the welfare of your fellow Scots, only the continued gratification and personal power that ongoing membership of a corrupt and failed establishment brings?

It’s quite easy your peership. Like Molly, allow yourself to be led out of the dark, Gothic and crumbling institution and into the sunlight. Molly never regretted one minute of her new life and I’m sure you will enjoy the freedom that retirement in the sun will bring as well.

It’s only common sense isn’t it?

Ah there we have the problem. Common sense, as the name implies is only sense applied by the common people.

As a Peer of the Realm, you are exempt from all that ‘common’ sense nonsense.