Palefaces Speak With Forked Tongues

One month it’s been. One whole month. One month of grief, of hurt, of anger. One month it’s taken for the mourning and the pain to abate. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun.

Thinking back on that referendum result though, I still have that stunned hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. The acid in my gut that still burns.

How could we compete with the new drug dealers. Just how powerful is the effect of the state-run narcotic misinformation machine on the minds of those who are not prepared to fight their addiction, or even recognise their addiction.

“Don’t bother me with your nonsense about social justice. Him from Strictly says we couldnae survive. And as for that Alec Sammin. Ma mate says that Gordon Brown sez that all Sammin want’s to do is make the rich richer. That’s why he wanted to bring down yon Corporation Tax Thingy. Whit d’ye mean Gordon Brown brought down Corporation Tax twice? That canny be right or the Daily Record would have said so.”

Thus the dealers in this narcotic trade who shamelessly poured their everything into adulterating their narcotic with as much lies, misinformation, bullying, arrogance, phony love and ugly malice as they could possibly get into their sneaky little parcels of social evil that they sold at every street corner – well that’s what hurts me most – that in a so-called democratic country there seems to be no law that can touch the drug barons who control this particular social narcotic. In fact the ‘Mr Bigs’ behind the scenes control even the law-making machine which should hold the whole system to account.

That’s what is so hollow-belly shocking to come out of the whole referendum thing. Carmichael and other low-level pushers such as Darling, Brown, Wilson, Murphy, Galloway, etc – all knew exactly the full nastiness of what they were peddling (even if they did not know just how soon they would be shafted by the real ‘Imperial Masters’. They chose to corrupt the aspiration, hope, imagination, compassion, belief in a better future … of the body politic of their own country. Just how malevolently shocking is that and what a stain on your soul..

And so it was written in the stars. Learned helplessness in the National Psyche strikes again. Scotland’s curse carries on unabated. The empty net beckoned, the try line was within inches. Oh shit here comes Brown aided and abetted by the Daily Record. Surely the people of Scotland won’t fall for this. Surely they can’t be that stupid. Surely. Surely.  Oh shit…Nooooooooooh.

What has Scotland done to deserve this. We’ve been good Santa honest – well most of us anyway. We were the Good Guys and the Good Guys should always win in the end shouldn’t they. Nope, not in Scotland they don’t.

So life in ‘Bonnie Scotland’ continues as normal.  With an unbelievable display of breathtaking hypocrisy, the Scottish Labour hierarchy are driven in their limousines to display solidarity with the battered, beaten and broken poor people.

Talk about he depraved supporting the deprived.

Can’t they see that by protesting against the measures their own party support they’re treating the working class people in Scotland as stupid, unthinking idiots. Oh yeah of course sorry, they’ve got their cronies the drug dealing gutter press to carry on peddling the propaganda.

Even so, the arrogance shown by Lamont and her ilk in ‘marching’ alongside the genuine protesters is ‘stomach curdling’ in the extreme – and it now takes a lot to curdle my stomach.

It’s at times like this that I am reminded of the words of that song by yon French guy. Peter Somebodyorother  or whatever his name was

“Where do you go to my lovely, when your alone in your bed? Won’t you tell me the thoughts that surround you, I want to get inside your head etc etc”

What on earth goes on in the head of Lamont, Curran et al when they face up to the mess they and their media cronies have created. How on earth can they have decided it was a good idea to publicly show face in a march against austerity when their bosses, Milliband and Balls – not to mention Reeves have publicly stated that they are going to match, if not outdo the Tories as regards ‘cuts’.

It is ‘mind boggling’. Oh no wait. Their media lap-dogs will spin and gyrate and lie. ‘Course they will.

There must be some degree of inner turmoil surely. I mean even Lamont and Curran can’t be so brazenly contemptuous of the Scottish people to think they can get away with that. It must be taking a toll as, even by their own ‘peely-wally’ standards both are looking even paler and more acidic than usual.

It’s definitely true though.

‘Palefaces Do Speak With Forked Tongues’,






One thought on “Palefaces Speak With Forked Tongues

  1. Problem for Scotland, Justin, is that 55% of our population have never bothered their backside to find out how their own country is governed politically, nor specifically, how their country is financed.

    You know yourself that typically, all Scots are interested in are fitty and golf!

    Add to that mix the fact that far too many believe their country is GB, not realising that this is a political union, and that their nationality is in fact Scottish.

    Scots character appears to be weak, in that they are willing to denigrate their own country , thinking this will gain them kudos with the sassenachs, whereas the sassenachs are really laughing at them!

    Being such a weak principled and divided “nation”, London has taken full advantage for 300 years, which explains why we are in the state we are now, with our infrastructure and quality of life the lowest in Europe.

    I cannot see that changing in my lifetime, although I will continue to fight alongside the SNP till the end……..

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