LETTER TO AMERICA……..with apologies to The Proclaimers





The film ‘Conspiracy Theory’ in which a poor hapless taxi driver was abused by a sinister government while everyone mocked and jeered was made in 1997


The James Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, the story of a crazy, psychopathic media mogul and his attempts to control the world and engineer events to feed his own warped ideology was also made in 1997


Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997.



This year is the 250th Anniversary of the introduction in USA of the Stamp Act and the Sugar Act.

Isn’t life full of strange coincidences?



‘Psychopathic indicators include self esteem being derived from personal gain, power and pleasure, lack of concern for feelings, needs and suffering of others and a tendency to exploit, deceive and coerce.’


Preface to Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires, a brilliant but chilling book by Will Black. (1)




Dear Uncle Sam,


It’s really hard for me to write this. No honestly it is.


As you are very well aware, although I’m small, I like to consider myself as very proud and, don’t laugh, independent. As you’ve pinpointed in the past, I can be very stubborn and pig- headed as well.


Anyway, I guess I’d better ‘cut to the chase’ as they say in your country


Before I start though uncle, please believe me when I say that this time I’m not looking for financial assistance, nor am I seeking any of your ‘muscle backup’ this time. HONEST


No, this time it’s a relatively small favour I’m asking. I’ll come back to that later though if that’s OK with you?

It’s actually my partner Westminster again uncle.


Yeah you’re right, he still hasn’t changed the name, I tried to get him to change it to Wes but without success. I guess he thinks Westminster sounds posh.


Mind you, I’ve no room to talk. I’ve never forgiven my folks for naming me Holyrood, even though I’ve now shortened it myself.


Sorry, I’m waffling again.



Yes I know uncle, so many people tried to warn me about Wes. They tried to tell me he was a cruel, selfish bully. I’m only sorry it took so long for me to see it.


As you’re aware though, I did try and divorce him last year.


God, what a time that was.


Even though I wrote a letter to my children



the whole thing tore my family apart.


At the start of the proceedings, uncle, very few people could see the picture I wanted to portray. They refused to believe Wes could and would do anything bad. So many of my family simply buried their collective heads in the sand and figuratively planted their fingers in their ears and chorused “I’m not listening. I’m not listening”.


Then, gradually, more and more of the extended family grew to realise what was happening. Ever so slowly, the truth began to dawn.


Then my beloved Westminster took matters to a whole new level.


Yes Uncle Sam, he enlisted the help of all his hangers-on. The bankers, the neoliberal business tycoons, even some media celebrities believe it or not. The ones he had been supplying with oodles and oodles of cash that could have been spent, not only on my family’s health, welfare and education but also on improving the quality of life of his own extended family.


Yep, he got them to lie and besmirch me and many of my kin. One minute he’d get his cronies in the Daily Fear, the Daily Sneer and the Daily Smear to insist that we were evil and trying to tear the family apart for my own selfish interest, then he would tell all and sundry that I was too wee, too poor and too stupid to survive on my own.


Yes uncle, I know now it was typical ‘domestic abuser’ modus operandi.


Then you can guess what came next. Yep, you’ve got it in one. The good old bribery.


It wasn’t the usual flowers, chocolates or holidays in the sun though. Oh dear me no


This time it was, if you stay, I’ll give you some more money for your health etc. etc. I promise I’ll even give you some of the independence you say you need.


You know what I’m on about don’t you uncle?


You must remember all those years ago he tried the same old con trick on you.

Remember the Stamp and the Sugar Acts? Then when you rebelled and threatened to leave him, how quickly he changed his mind and repealed them.


I guess it’s just what he does. He can’t help himself. Just like the scorpion and the frog.


And then to beg and plead with all the journalists, TV folk and politicians to join forces to belittle me. Well what can I say? It was desperate and degrading beyond belief.

Yes uncle, I can virtually hear your argument. I can imagine you saying you’ve got almost identical issues over there.


It’s not quite the same though.


Try and imagine if you can, Fox and News Corp controlling every single media outlet in your country and producing exactly the same propaganda to your people.


Imagine the New York Times printing two separate editions, one for Republican Texas and a completely separate contradictory one for Democrat Hawaii. That’s exactly what’s going on over here.


Yep every single media journalist and broadcaster amalgamated and joined in the denigration.


Now journalists I can understand. Real journalists after all, interview people and present a balanced analysis. Instead, there is as there has always been, a school of journalism which expresses the opinions and desired outcomes of media owners and their own masters.


I mean you have to adapt to survive haven’t you.


But, and it’s a big but, even Auntie Beeb joined in the lies and smears.


Yes uncle, I can virtually hear your cries of disbelief and outrage from here. “Not Auntie Beeb. She’s been a beacon of light and a vessel of truth for countless people for years and years”.


Well I’m sorry to have to burst your bubble dear uncle but your beloved Auntie Beeb joined in the lies and smears with gusto.



The members of my family who knew the truth did what we always do in times of adversity.


We laughed.


We laughed at Wes’s increasingly desperate and pathetic attempts at convincing all and sundry of the need to stay ‘united’.


We laughed as sundry prophets of doom provided the bitter part of the pudding.


We laughed as a certain reddish haired individual provided the ginger ingredient.


And we virtually wet ourselves with laughter when certain politicians provided the cream of the Eton Mess – you know, the thick stuff that sits at the top.


To deliberately misquote one of your own favourite sayings uncle:-


“When the people fear the government we have tyranny

When the government fear the people we have comedy”


Alas, to my shame, I let enough people convince me.


I listened to the false prophets and decided, reluctantly, to give good old Wes one more chance.




The very next day, a mob of his supporters rampaged amongst my kin, a kicking and a punching and a spitting and abusing my young folk.


I knew immediately I’d made another big, BIG mistake but by then it was too late.


And how did your favourite Auntie Beeb describe this outrage to the wider world.





Yep I repeat ‘Rival Factions Clash’’ in the same way that rival factions clashed in Tiananmen Square, where the protesters attempted to damage the tanks with their bodies.


And that brings me at last to the reason for this letter, to my plea for help


No money. No soldiers.


Just a loan of a few decent journalists please.


Yeah it would be great if they were of the calibre of Woodward and Bernstein but just your honest ‘common or garden’ journalists will do.


Journalists who do what journalists are supposed to do and throw light into the darkness while providing honest answers to a general public accustomed to being treated like rhubarb – kept in the dark and fed nothing but bullshit.


I don’t know the main profession of the author of Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires. I just wished he was a journalist.



Wait. What?


In the words of one of Westminster’s luvvies who was dutifully paraded to convince me to remain a psychopath’s plaything.





Yours truly,



Holly Scotland


‘Experiments devised by social psychologists Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo demonstrated that mentally normal people can be encouraged to become oppressive, needlessly cruel and even torturous if instructed to by ‘authority’ figures. These studies, beginning in the 1960s and 1970s have huge implications for societies everywhere. They show how easily perfectly normal, intelligent people can be manipulated into doing deeply unpleasant things to others’


Conclusion to Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires, a brilliant but chilling book by Will Black